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The Slovak Society of General Practice (SkSGP)
The Slovak Society of General Practice (SkSGP) is a civic association established in 1979 and has been active for 39 years.

The aim of its activity is to initiate and facilitate the spreading of medical information related to science, diagnostics and treatment in the area of national and global medical science. The association supports the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO) and implements its objectives within the development of primary healthcare in Slovakia. In its educational and organization activities and activities related to the fulfilment of WHO objectives, SkSGP cooperates with international general practitioner organizations, e.g. WONCA and EPFC.

SkSGP organizes scientific conferences and publishes articles related to general medicine. It unites general practitioners in Slovakia with the aim of providing professional and material support to its members. It initiates, supports, translates, publishes and implements suggestions and opinions on questions related to the professional and scientific nature of general practice and healthcare legislation. It submits suggestions, opinions and statements to health insurance agencies, the Ministry of Health of the Slovak Republic and the Health Care Surveillance Authority.

"Cooperation with specialists in the preparation of scientific conferences in Slovakia helps us gain new knowledge in the area of diagnostics and treatment. We learn from experts so that we can apply their experience in our own practice and help our patients," said SkSGP President Dr. Peter Makara in his speech at the 39th Annual SkSGP Conference in the High Tatras.

The 24th WONCA EUROPE CONFERENCE in Bratislava will also be a significant opportunity to share experience with our colleagues – general practitioners – from all over the world. Meeting our colleagues will help us absorb new information on competencies and services provided by general practitioners all over the world and help us increase the quality of services that we provide to our patients here in Slovakia. It will also help us implement changes that are needed in the Slovak health care system.


24th WONCA Europe Conference is being held under the auspices of
doc. MUDr. Andrea Kalavská, PhD.
Minister of Health of the Slovak Republic
prof. Peter Šimko, MD, PhD.
Rector of the Slovak Medical University in Bratislava (SMU)
Ing. arch. Matúš Vallo
The Mayor of Bratislava
Dr. Darina Sedláková, MPH
WHO representative, acting Head of the Office
WHO Country Office in Slovakia
Dr.h.c. prof. MUDr. Ján Breza, DrSc., MHA, MPH
Prezident of the Slovak Medical Association
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