Instructions for presenters of ‘One-slide-five-minutes’ presentations
The ‘One-slide-five-minutes’ session are held as open ‘café’ sessions where the audience is presented with 15 short interesting presentations. We anticipate high interest.
Preparation of your presentation
  • All presentations will be held in English.
  • You will have maximum five minutes to present your work including one-two minutes for discussion.
  • You can use only one PowerPoint slide (please use our template).
  • Patient confidentiality must be protected.
  • Avoid commercial reference. Advertising of products is prohibited.
  • Remember that you have to communicate with the audience in a limited time.
  • If you exceed your time, the session chairperson will terminate your presentation.
  • Identify yourself to the session chairperson 10 minutes before the session.
  • Presentations must be in PowerPoint format (16:9 .ppt/.pptx) only.
  • Use a clear, non-fancy font and a letter size no smaller than 16 points to make your slide readable.
  • Use graphic information rather than lengthy text.
  • Colour is attractive on data slides but use light colours only.
  • Do not cover too many details.
  • Do not overload your slide, a miniature-sized poster is not appropriate.
A PowerPoint slide template is available here.

The PowerPoint slide for the ‘One slide-five-minute’ should be uploaded before the Conference. Please upload your presentation via the online form that is accessible after Login.
  • Login using your login details
  • Click on the menu item Contribution list
  • Click on the title of your abstract
  • Then you will be able to upload your 1S5M presentation
Deadline for PowerPoint slide submission: June 21, 2019.
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