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NHS England: International GP Recruitment Programme
The NHS stands for the National Health Service. It started in 1948, based on the principle that good healthcare should be available to all, regardless of how much or little money you had. Before the NHS, people would usually have to pay to get help if they were ill.

The NHS in England is recruiting family doctors from overseas and supporting UK trained doctors to return to England to live and work as a family doctor for the NHS. In England, family doctors are called General Practitioners or GPs and work in a GP practice. These are buildings where GPs work with other health professionals to support the health and wellbeing of their local community.

GPs in England are the foundation of the NHS. They are usually the first person a patient turns to for help with health-related issues and they deal with a whole range of health problems. They are general experts in the whole field of medicine for adults and children. They manage the healthcare of all their patients – physical and mental - including acute physical problems, long term conditions and mental health problems.

On 1 April 2019, two organisations, NHS Improvement and NHS England, united as one - our aim, to provide leadership and support to the wider NHS. Nationally, regionally and locally, we champion frontline staff who provide a world-class service, and constantly work to improve the care given to the people of England.
Come and visit us at Stand Number 8 on the 3rd floor of the Slovak National Theatre to find out more about working for the NHS as a GP and living in England. There is also the opportunity to experience a 360° virtual reality video providing you with an immersive insight into how a GP practice in England operates from a patient’s perspective.

Find more information on our Symposium within Wonca Europe Conference 2019
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