Practice Visits
Maybe you are one of the delegates to WONCA Europe Conference 2019 who have decided to visit a Slovak GP clinic and take a closer look at the system of Primary Care in Slovakia.
The Host Organizing Committee offers slots during the first and second day of the conference. Practice visits are held on Wednesday, June 26 and Thursday, June 27.

Please note that estimated travel time from central Bratislava to the clinic can be up to half an hour each way (by car or public transport) and that transportation will be at your own cost.

If you like to participate or if you have questions regarding the practice visit, please contact:
Unfortunately, there is a limited capacity to sign up for a visit in a Slovak GP clinics! The deadline for signing up is June 16, 2019.
1) Ambulancia všeobecného lekára dr. Med. PV s.r.o. (Mestská poliklinika)
Hollého č. 2, 902 01 Pezinok

2) Ambulancia všeobecného praktického lekára
Dobrovičova 117/10, 811 09 Bratislava
The ambulance is reachable on foot (5 mins from the Slovak National Theatre). See tha map HERE or find the address by scanning the QR code

3) MEDILIP s.r.o.
Ambulance a) Námestie sv. Františka 14, Bratislava 4 - Karlova Ves, 84101
Ambulance b) Miloslavov-Alžbetin dvor 181, Budova obecného úradu, 900 42 Miloslavov

4) Všeobecný lekár pre dospelých (SOMED s.r.o.)
Líščie údolie 98/57, 841 04 Karlova Ves

Further information regarding your clinic visit will be sent two weeks prior to your arrival in Bratislava.

The Slovak GPs are looking forward to welcoming you!

Host Organizing Committee Members
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