Mobile Application for WONCA 2019
Mobile Application Wonca 2019 allows to Users
With the WONCA 2019 mobile app, you will have the opportunity to increase your interactivity and have the entire Conference „in your hand“.
The WONCA 2019 mobile app gives access to:
  • Interactive Scientific Programme
  • Personal Planner / Conference Schedule
  • Plans of the Venue and Exhibition
  • List of Sponsors and Exhibitors
  • Social Programme
  • Networking
  • Matchmaking
... and much more!
The mobile app WONCA 2019 offers interactive module called matchmaking. This module offers a marketplace of ideas and services. Such a model can be helpful to cover the aforementioned needs (i.e., research partnerships, mentorships) and is in line with the action points of the WONCA Europe Future Plan (e.g., strengthening the WONCA Europe conferences; promotion of collaborations for content creation among the networks and WESIGs; building competence for the best of WE through systematic support of future leaders).

The attendees who are eager to offer or request (i.e., research partnerships, mentorships) need to download the app WONCA 2019. Once the app is launched look for the button “Matchmaking”. The e-mail address is required. After you fill in your e-mail address the ID code is sent to your e-mail. Insert the code required and you will have access to the interactive modules such as Matchmaking and Networking.
Download the Application by scanning the QR Code below
or search for the WONCA 2019 in the App Store / Google Play (Android Market)

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